Who’s That Girl?

Oh...THAT girl.
Oh…THAT girl.

Just a small town girl, living in a lonely world.  I took the midnight train…no. Wait.  I am a small town girl, but I’m living in the city — CHARM CITY, that is, and I didn’t take a train to get here.  That’s Baltimore, Maryland for y’all not in the know. Yes, it’s the place where they filmed HBO’s The Wire. And yes, it’s kinda-sorta like that in some of the places, some of the time.  But it’s also my home and I ain’t no hoodlum or drug addict, hon! It’s a colorful and kitschy town that’s given me some great life lessons, introduced me to some amazing people, stripped me of my rural naïveté, and sharpened my sarcasm to a nice, shiny point to be wielded with ninja-like skills.

I have a new saying.  It’s new because I just came up with it. Like, right this minute. Ready?  Here it goes… Sarcasm is a gift.  Not everyone gets the gift.  And those who weren’t given the gift and think they can figure it out on their own…well, those people give sarcasm a bad name.  We call them assholes. Please feel free to share this because it won’t fit on a bumper sticker, or one of the stupid “some e-card” things.  Just remember to footnote me.  So basically, I love being sarcastic and I’m pretty sure I was given the gift early on in life. But I never want to hurt anyone’s feelings when I deal it out like cards in a heated game of Slap Jack! So, if anything written here seems hurtful or biting, just know that it’s all meant with good humor and fun…and that YOU think it’s hurtful and biting because YOU don’t have the gift of sarcasm.  So, so sad for you.

Anyway, my hope is to share a few laughs and tell a few tales and hopefully show that you don’t have to take everything so damn seriously…SERIOUSLY!  So, that said, don’t be a stranger!  Stick around…I think this is gonna be fun!

Twitter: http://twitter.com/MizNattie



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