What Is Normal?

What Is Normal? discusses the fallacy of normalcy and ponders how being different is truly a good thing.


Love Songs

As a hearing parent of a deaf child, I have many worries. Wanting to be able to communicate and bond with my baby, whom I longed for so many years to have, has been a labor of love. Learning sign language has been, and continues to be, a wonderful challenge. Making the choice for Calvin […]

Tub O’ Fun

There are times when you need a pep talk, and times when you need some biting sarcasm.  There are times you need a swift kick in the arse, and there are times when you just need a good hug.  And then, there are those special times when you just need this: Now if you’ll excuse me, […]

Truth Tellers

From the mouths of babes comes the truth.  Children are just little adults without a filter between their brains and their lips.  To paraphrase Eminem, they’re just saying the shit we’re all thinking!  I’ll give you an example… A few years back my weight was something really ridiculous. A number that was so high my […]


Going into this, I’m already laughing at myself because I keep replaying in my head that Jeff Foxworthy (yes, the redneck guy) stand-up bit about how every parent thinks his/her kid is soooo SMART, and he tells the story of a family member who was so proud and bragging and going on and on about how […]

Fall Into the Gap!

Let it be known, on this 95 degree day…while I’m wearing a dress…walking down a city street…a little bit sweaty… I have fully accepted and am at peace with the fact that I will never, ever, ever get the sensation of a cool breeze blowing through my… THIGH GAP! That’s right, my thigh gap.  I do […]


My Babyman is just days away from experiencing a miracle.  Like Forrest Gump got magic legs, my son is about to receive his magic ears!  The discussions, diagnostics, planning, appointments, testing and re-testing, and surgical procedure that have had to take place for this miracle to happen have been overwhelming. For months I wondered if […]