I feel a little like a dead man walking, except I had my last meal about 3 weeks ago: a cheeseburger with the works, including bacon (because BACON!), and poutine, followed by Ben and Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk. And I washed it all down with Diet Coke! Ironic, right?  To say I felt like a glutton is an understatement, but it was, in many ways, my last meal.  I ate until I couldn’t eat another bite.  Since then, I’ve been on the starch-free path of high protein living. Not a cracker, a spaghetti noodle, or a freaky little grain of quinoa has passed these lips.

Yes, my dear friends and followers…I’m coming to the end of my sentence.  They’re going to strap me down on a table. Hopefully, I’ll leave this old body behind for something else. I’ve been guilty of so much, and this is my way of making amends.

You might be scratching your head right now thinking, “What in the sweet hell are you even talking about?”


Peace out!

See you on the flip side when I’m hopefully a “BIG LOSER”!



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