Well, I’ll Be DOGGONE!

It’s true that we live in a pet obsessed world, but where does it cross the line?  Look, I get it.  I am currently without children and have two fur babies that rule my world. I refer to myself as their mother, and Frank is their daddy.  Of course, these bitches look at me like, “yeah, yeah, yeah…just open a fishy can of Fancy Feast and we’ll consider not pissing on the hall rug while you’re at work today, you know…just for fun.”  Yeah…We have THAT kind of relationship.

Poochie, Poochie, Poo.

So color me all sorts of “SAY WHAAAA?!?!?” when I went to the beach this past weekend and took a stroll on the boardwalk.  There were oodles of pet lovers out enjoying the beautiful spring day with their dogs.  Dogs of all shapes, sizes, and drool factors.  But there seems to be a new trend where the yippy, yappy, pocket-sized growlers are concerned.  BABY STROLLERS.  Yeah, that’s right.  Baby strollers…for dogs. In fact, the posh pet transporters are clearly so popular these days that amazon.com has over 100 models from which to choose.  And yes, most of the folks chauffeuring their little, furry bundles around looked just as joyfully medicated as the lady in this stock image photograph… Because I think you’d have to be to be seen in public pushing your dog around in a glorified grocery cart!

I just imagine those poor, poor Iditarod sled dogs getting a gander at this scene and thinking…”NO! NO! NO!!  You’re doing it all wrong!!!”

This one couple in particular… Sigh… First off, they looked like they spend a lot of time, when they’re not pushing a stroller full of ankle biters down the boardwalk, at places like the Renaissance Festival–you know, in full costume and way too into it for anyone’s own good mental health.  But anyway, they had three dogs: two Chihuahua looking things, and one Pekinese type.  And as expected, they were proudly pushing their pooches around in their buggy. What made it really odd though, was that the guy was videotaping the whole experience.  Sure, in this day and age folks are always taking videos of every little thing, but this wasn’t a self-deprecating, 30-second clip to say, “Ha! Look at the pooches out for a stroll.”  No, this was a full-length feature film in progress.  When it goes straight to video in Spring 2014, please look for me in the background.  I’ll be the bystander who just stares at them in disbelief the whole time.  And depending on how sensitive the microphone on his camera was, you may even hear my girlfriend say, “Awww…isn’t it lucky that those two people found each other in life?  Because really, who else would marry either of them???”

I guess what my friend, Bill, says is true…

“Every pot has a lid.”

And apparently…

at least on the historic boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland…

Every canine under 10 pounds has its own car and driver!


2 thoughts on “Well, I’ll Be DOGGONE!

    1. Who? Me? Wow! I am so flattered and feeling the love! That’s so awesome! Thanks! I’m gonna get right on those 11 thought provoking questions you posed and I’ll definitely shout out some love back to you!! Thanks for following!!!

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